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4th Annual S.p.R.u.N.g Wool Workshop Saturday, April 21! 4 Seats Left!


One of the things we love to host around here, is a quality workshop event. These workshops build community and teach new skills while introducing you to your favorite designers! Coming up on Saturday, April 21 is our 4th annual spring workshop, S.p.R.u.N.g!


Kathy Cardiff, one of our favorite designers, is returning to the Shoppe on Saturday, April 21 for this springtime event. Kathy designs patterns for her company, A Cottage at Cardiff Farms and has spent the last half of the year promoting her new book, "A Cottage Garden."

Since you do not bring your sewing machines to this workshop, you've got to sew your backgrounds at home. The workshop fee includes a complete wool kit, specialty instruction from Kathy and a gourmet, catered luncheon! Here's a little reminder:

If you are in the local area, you can still swing by and get your prep work on the days we are open.

If you're out of town, haven't registered and now want to attend...oh boy...we've got some challenges. You might be spending the night with your sewing machine! Better give us a call! 


In this workshop you will be learning Kathy's layering techniques and her favorite stitches. If you attended our Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop this past December, the project for S.p.R.u.N.g is the same scale as her "First Day of Christmas...." project she did for Homespun & Holly which is pictured here below....


I haven't shown this before because it was only available to people who attended last year's Christmas workshop here at the Shoppe. I'm thinking, we might continue this theme for the 2018 Homespun & Holly.

We love Kathy's nature inspired designs and we love how she incorporates these fabulous textured backgrounds found in our Shoppe, with her wool projects. It gives everything she does a touch of class and sophistication.


We've been making some exclusive new Fat Quarter Bundles of these fabrics, but you can also order 1/2yd bundles! Just click here.
Pictured here are the Neutral Bundle and Rustic Bundle. Both bundles are perfect for backgrounds and I know that around here we can always use more background fabrics for our projects! There's never enough.

If there is a time of year where we love to work with wool, it's definitely in the fall seeew we thought we'd add a Vintage Halloween Bundle to our mix as well. These bundles are made-to-order and are seasonal offerings. This means that I will change them often as we are preparing for different seasons. Seeew...there's no telling how long they will last! As I always say, get it when I'm showing it to ya!

That's all I have for you today! Well...that's not really ALL..as that, well that just never happens. There is ALWAYS something new at our Shoppe seeew my job is never really done.

But for today...I'm done.

Thanks for joining us today and stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian

My New Favorite Book!


I was beginning to think I wouldn't have time to sit down and jot down a little note to ya'll this week but I've managed to squeeze a hot minute or two to share with you one of our favorite new books. In fact, Moda's Carrie Nelson mentioned the other day that proceeds from all of the  Moda All-Star books go to a charity. Proceeds from Moda All-Stars Mini-Charm Quilts go to the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog program which is "a national human-care mission embracing the unique, calming nature and skills of purebred Golden Retrievers."Awwww...I love dogs!


Do you have this book yet?

If you have a collection of those Mini Charm packs sittin' around your creative space, what are you waiting for? You need to have this book and it's available to order here on our website. We ship with USPS using the Flat Rate Priority Envelope and charge the same rate as USPS.

We have a goal of making every project in the book as Mini's never go out of style and they are far easier to splash around the Shoppe than a big ole' quilt.

This first one was made with Creekside by Sherri & Chelsi. It's called Tulip Time and was designed by Pat Sloan! Since April is the month for Tulip festivals...well, it's just perfect. And speaking of Sherri & Chelsi, we love these two gems. Very sweet people. They have proven that their collections can work with a variety of seasons. Sherri will be teaching two new projects here at the Shoppe in September centered around their new Clover Hollow collection!


Merry-Go-Round was designed by Karla Eisenach of Sweetwater. For this sweet little quilt the mini-charms are pieced into scrappy hexagons before being appliqued in place. This one is made with a mix of Fig Tree fabrics. We can never have enough Fig Tree for sure.


I made a few Fig Tree Spring Bundles in an attempt to get the temperatures a tad bit warmer.

Seeew far it's not working. I mean...hi...we're in April, let's start seeing some rays!


Bayside was designed by Betsy Chutchian and features scrappy triangles crisscrossing throughout. Of course...the fabrics are Sweetwater. I love Sweetwater. Their collections are almost always different and this year they have four releases, Project Red, Harmony, Overnight Delivery and then one other one (I forgot the name). Everyone must love redwork because the Project Red Bundle is very popular!



Hey, I know this fabric! I've been working with Hi-De-Ho in my very first quilt. It only made sense to use it for Sandy Klop's cute little Rickrack Posies project.

I love how cheerful this collection is but it also has a retro 40's vibe. Bright...happy and cheerful.

I don't know what it is, but the two of us just can't get into dark fabrics anymore. Maybe because we did it for seeew many years in the larger store?? Over Easter we were watching many of the "Behind-the-Scenes" extras for The Greatest Showman and the costume designer mentioned how they avoided brown fabrics when creating the costumes. I was like, "See Mom, we know what we're doing afterall! It's all about color!


Last but not least, we have this very unique color combination for Spring called Greenery. I really love these fabrics with this table runner called Hopscotch by Sandy Gervais. It's fresh, crisp...traditional but yet feels contemporary. Prepare yourself for plenty of compliments with this one!



That's it for today. I've got to prepare the Shoppe for Moda's new Nest collection due to arrive either this afternoon or tomorrow! We are switching up some of the designers we carry to try something different. The "Mothership" is always keeping it fresh! Seeew we appreciate your patience and of course....thanks for checking us out today!

Stay Seeew...cial! ~ Brian

Happy St. Patick's Day!


Happy Worldwide Quilting Day and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Green-Cupcakes-3 (1)

As I always do, I stopped in at our neighbor...Lux Sucre Desserts to frost my lucky charms! Lo and behold I happened upon some green cupcakes and cookies shaped like clovers! P.S. I'm fine with being pinched, but hands-off of the mid-section!


This morning we hosted our monthly "What's For Breakfast?" Club. In my last post I wrote at great length about supporting brick-and-mortar quilt shops. This monthly event is a great way to create community by getting out of the house, interact with eachother while supporting our brick-and-mortar location! If you like quality projects and a good time...come to our What's For Breakfast? Club!

Someone was feeling festive today! Carol and Cheryl are newbies to our What's For Breakfast? Club but I've been noticing these lovely gals more and more at our events which is always a good thing! Thanks for coming ladies!


Every month the "Mothership" features a new project. Everyone who attends receives a complete kit to make whatever it is she's introducing. I wish I had taken video because when she revealed this month's there was a collective "Awwww...." from within.

This month she was inspired by the fabrics (pictured above) and surprised everyone with not just one project...but two projects from Bunny Hill Designs....perfect for springtime!

Super cute! If you weren't able to attend, no worries!

Jan did make a handful of kits for purchase here on our website of the Bunny towel.

I receive a lot of requests every month from those of you who live outside of Oregon asking to purchase some of these projects. I am pleased to tell you that I have created a new category for these items on our website here. Keep in mind that our "What's For Breakfast?" Club was created to interact with us and others in-person seeew not every project will be listed.


I had been wanting to share with you some of the new fabrics due to arrive this Spring! March and April are loaded for arrivals but I only have room to show you two today! I have a feeling there are those who can't wait to get their hands on some of these! Both of these collections have a vintage touch of traditional. Are these not perfect for our Shoppe?


By the way...do you know whose book would be perfect for some patterns using those two collections? Moda Lissa's! If you haven't heard the news, Lissa Alexander has a new book out and it is fantastic! You can read all about it right here!

I cannot wait until I get my first quilt completed seeew then I can move onto something a little more "intermediate." LOL. Clearly I'm not afraid!


Last but not least for today is our upcoming 4th annual S.p.R.u.N.g Workshop with Kathy Cardiff. We love Kathy! Her nature inspired wool designs are awesome! Since she is our only featured designer for this year's event, the project will be bigger than if we have several designers. Seeew...not only do you get a catered, gourmet luncheon and specialty instruction from Kathy, but you also get a complete kit included with your fee!

There is some pre-work to do before the workshop on April 21, seeew we do have a "drop dead" registration deadline of March 31. If you are not local, that is ok as we will mail out the pre-work portion of the kit before the workshop. This is why I say over and over again....to get signed up EARLY. The sooner you register, you're going to love your life! If you can't register until after March 31, send us an email to hollyhillorders@comcast.net but don't wait too long as we do have limited seating.

That's all I have time for today! My other duties call (which are kind of important) seeew thank you for reading! ~ Brian


It's Been A Creative Week! Block 1 of Our Merry Merry Snowmen BOM & Lori Holt's Quilty Fun Announcement



Our first in-store meeting for our Merry Merry Snowmen Block of The Month was yesterday here at the Shoppe! As you can see the "Mothership" has selected a cheerful new color palette that fits in perfectly with our Shoppe here in Charbonneau! It was nice to see seeew many signing up for the in-store meetings as that shows me people are still interested in needing their brick-and-mortars. If you are participating through the mail or "on-line" as it is now referred, blocks will be mailed in the coming week. 

Pictured above is Block 1.

Merry-Merry-Snowmen-BOM-2 (1)

The "Mothership" and Christine have Month 2 in the works! I don't think folks always realize the time consuming steps of fabric selection. It's one of the biggest reasons why we kit around here.

Convenience. Convenience. Convenience! When we don't kit people act seeew disappointed that it can't be reproduced exactly. When we do provide kits, "do you have just the pattern?" I've said this for years and it literally makes me want to eat a cube of cheese.



This is a nine month program and if you keep up with your blocks each month,  we will all be finished by November! Merry Christmas indeed! Right?

If you'd like to join us, we discovered we could make room for a few more people seeew get signed up here! If you can join us in-store that's even better because we will be offering some extra quilty-fun along the way! Either way you join us, it's assumed you already know a method of applique. You will also need to purchase the pattern which is available here.

Jans-Farm-Girl-Quilt-1 (1)

In other news...the "Mothership" finally was able to finish her Farm Girl Vintage Quilt which was started back in 2015 with our first Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M.

Jans-Farm0Girl-Vintage-3 (2)

2 years in the making! The Mothership's quilt incorporates blocks from our first Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M ( Fall 2015- Winter 2016) and our second session of Farm Girl Vintage ( August 2017 - Current).

I absolutely love this and I can't wait to proudly display it in the Shoppe just in time for Lori's visit to the Shoppe this May! In fact, she will be teaching a new project during our Bee In My Bonnet Lori Holt Workshop, May 21 and May 22! It's a one day workshop seeew you pick the day you want to attend. We have added just four seats to each day so if you want to attend, you've got to grab those seats as soon as possible !


Since we will probably not do a third session of Farm Girl Vintage, we do offer individual block kits for sale here on our website for your quilty pleasure.

Our next B.O.M. will be Lori Holt's Quilty Fun Row Quilt and that starts March 31. The picture below is Lori's quilt from the book but rest assured the "Mothership" will do a fantastic job with our version. You can learn about and register for Quilty Fun here on our website.


That's all I have for you today! I'm going to call it a day and go home to my two kid-lets...Chance the Lhasa and Miss Grace Adler the Dachshund!

Have a good night everyone and stay seeew-cial! Brian

Crossing The Line & Learning to Quilt



I finally did it! I took a bold step and I crossed the line into the world of Quilting! But first...we MUST have music because I'm headed to the mat to bring it on! Probably one of the worst musicals in Broadway history, but whatever...I ❤️ this song! 

🎼"How do we know who we are unless we cross the line?" 🎼


The "Mothership" and Christine have been my dedicated cheerleaders... teaching me to sew my first quilt! Even when I get frustrated and have to rip my seams out they remind me in their own special way not to be a "Cheer-tator Tor..." ✨Learning-To-Quilt-4

This is how it all went down: we were flipping through Sherri McConnell's "Fresh Family Traditions" last week and I said, "Hey, we need to make Sassy with Hi-De-Ho! It would be seeew happy and cheerful!" I was met with, "Well, there's the sewing machine."

With that single sentence...I lost my quilting virginity.

And I lost it to Maywood Studios!!!

I was sure it would have been Moda.

Regardless, I am hooked which only makes everything about this blog that much better because I can now relate to some of the things I hear every day in the Shoppe!✨My favorite part seeew far is picking the fabrics for each block!


I honestly don't think I will ever be one of those people who just doesn't care about wonky blocks. I will care...every day of my quilted life! I have a seam ripper and I know how to use it! I'm also a fan of pinning! Let's just say I'm willing to have the required notions to ensure I have a positive outcome. That whole "It doesn't have to be perfect" stuff I read out there reminds me of "everyone gets a trophy."😜 Nada.  If I'm going to invest the time, I want to learn to do it correctly. That's how I'm wired.

Hi-De-Ho-Fabrics-1 (2)

As I mentioned above, I'm using this happy fabric known as Hi-De-Ho. I'll link it here for you as we do sell it here in the Shoppe! I should point out... throughout the month of March we have FREE SHIPPING on all fabric orders (including pre-cuts and kits) of $50 or more (U.S. Orders Only, Regular Priced Items).  All you have to do is select Pick-Up In-Store at the check-out process. Yes, even if you don't live in Oregon!

Hi-De-Ho-Fat-Quarter-Bundle.jpg (2)

I keep telling the "Mothership" that larger print on blue (top of the bundle) would make a great bag for Summer! I know just the pattern...but the question is, will they ever get time to make it? Even as I finish typing this sentence I can already hear, "Make it yourself, Brian." We know eachother seeew well!


If you haven't been into the Shoppe in awhile we have a series of these pre-cut kits such as the one above.... perfect for any beginner or anyone who wants to get right to sewing! Literally...all of the fabric has been cut for you seeew all you have to do is unwrap and sew.

Read the directions first...of course.✨


 It looks like one of our newest customers enjoyed her pre-cut kit seeew much she went home, sewed and was back within a couple of days! Becky has definitely "crossed the line" and is now on her way to getting back into quilting! Great job Becky!


Before I head out, I thought I'd share these two gems...Foster & Emily!

Not only were they well-behaved (props to their parents) but they were eager and attentive. Emily told us she likes to sew clothes for her dolls. When the "Mothership" asked if Emily would like to sew on her machine, the answer was an absolute YES! Seeew, the "Mothership" let both of them choose some fabrics to make a sweet little pillow...or bag. Foster watched closely and when it was his turn he knew exactly what to do!

Remember when we were young and unfraid? These kids were not afraid! They were champs as they let that sewing machine go! Me? I'm like 80 years old with a walker the way I sew!

It was just refreshing because it reminded me how much our children WANT to be engaged with activities! Many people today just hand their kids a digital device. Seeew sad!

When I shared the experience on our Social Media it was met with a comment..."You can't get that on-line."

No....no, you definitely cannot. But if people aren't careful that will be the future. As I have said 1,000 times if you want to shop on-line, shop from on-line sources that have brick and mortars you can visit like ours.

Anyway, it was the essence of being seeew-cial and we look forward to seeing them again!

You of course will see me again sooner than later as I still have tons to show you!

Stay Seeew-cial and "Cross The Line!"✨🎼🎩🎪 - Brian 

This Is How My World Gets Made...



Before I take you on a journey of new fabrics arriving this Spring & Summer, I want to thank those of you who actively support our Shoppe whether through purchases online or in-store. My time is worth something (I would hope) and it's how this blog is brought to you.

I also wanted to introduce you to how my world gets made here on the blog! It all starts with this sweet song from Broadway's Amelie....

And these two gems pictured below....the "Mothership" and Christine!


Without these ladies, I would not have content to share! It doesn't just magically happen and it's never as "instant" as the internet makes everything seem.

They finally got some time to work on each of their Vintage Barn Girl Quilts from the BOM they did last year! Since Lori Holt is coming to the Shoppe in May for a brand new workshop, I guess they figured they'd better get them done!

Cherry-Block-1 (1)

I love everything about this quilt, from the colors to the Farm Girl Vintage blocks they chose to incorporate into their barns. ❤️


When they are not sewing samples they are making other cute things for our popular monthly What's For Breakfast? Club. Have you attended one yet? If not, we'd love to see you! This adorable Aqua Garden Vintage Pincushion was one of the featured projects and is now available to order on our website or over the phone. I will note that since the Mothership paints each pitcher by hand, they do require more time to mail due to drying.

It's a full fledged production but again...it's how my world gets made!


Oh I almost forgot...we are also starting to make some Laura Heine samples and they insist it's something I could easily do! Maybe I'll give it a whirl???


I also contribute to how our world gets made in my own little special way! 

New Fat Quarter Bundles!


This one pictured above just happens to be our Mama's Cottage Fat Quarter Bundle. With just 14 Fat Quarters, these smaller sized bundles are proving to be very popular! Did you know you can also order individual FQs on our website? 


There's one more key player that helps my world get made out here in Charbonneau and that's...our neighbor.

Lux Sucre Desserts.🎂🍰🍪

While I have to make sure I exercise regularly, they are a photographer's dream and I'm super evil for doing this to you!


You'll get over it.

Before I head out, thank you seeew much for leaving comments on the previous post! I love that you are seeew dedicated. I also want to thank those who actively support the shop! We appreciate that as that's what makes this blog possible!

I've got a busy weekend with the February What's For Breakfast? Club on Saturday and then meeting with a certain choreographer friend of mine to discuss summer events. ✨🎩🎪🎼 Seeew I hope to show you Part 2 of our new fabric arrivals ...maybe tomorrow?

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian✨


A Look At New Fabric Including Zen Chic, Sweetwater, Fig Tree's Christmas Figs & 3 Sisters!

Zen-Chic-White-Christmas-2018 (1)


Let me first begin with: I have many pictures to show you seeew I'm going to try and be brief. Also...I'll bring back the tunes for my next post. Today is just super important because....

The "Mothership" and I ordered more new fabrics today! It's definitely worthy of pulling a Patrick...and jumping off a stage! This could be love...ya'll! Quilting should be the time of your life and these fabrics will ensure that!

The collections that I'm about to show you are scheduled for May-July release, which means the majority of what was shown is for Christmas 2018!

Of course...my favorite (which is a complete departure for me) is Zen Chic's White Christmas!

White-Christmas-Metallic-Zen-chic (1)

As you can see, White Christmas is contemporary yet elegant and sophisticated. I'm not even a fan of metallic, but I don't mind the subtle hint of it found in this collection! Wait until you see the projects!

Overnight-Delivery-Sweetwater-2 (1)

Next on the list...Overnight Delivery by Sweetwater.

One thing I know for sure...you just can't go wrong with a Sweetwater collection at Christmas. Karla (along with her daughters) are becoming masters of the Christmas collections at Moda! This one is chalk full of great Christmas basics that have hints of Chip & Joanna Gaines of HGTV fame. While ordering this collection we also decided to add in some of Deb Strain's new Hearthside Holiday (not pictured) as the two collections play very well with each other. Seeew much seeew that I already know what we are going to do with the variety of checks and plaids! I guess you'll have to hang in there with me through the Summer!

Overnight-Delivery-Sweetwater-Hollyhill (1)

One thing we are looking for more and more as a Shoppe, are fabrics that can be used throughout the year.

Fig Tree's collections have always incorporated a unique color palette when it comes to the various seasons. In fact, a long time ago I remember Joanna referring to them as the "forgotten colors." Each time Joanna would come teach a workshop my mom would always ask, "When will Moda give you another Christmas collection?" Well it looks like that wish has been granted....

Christmas-Figs-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

With this new collection, appropriately titled "Christmas Figs" Joanna has created a variety of prints that do not necessarily "scream" Christmas, but will provide warmth and joy to your Christmas projects! There are also several prints that can crossover and play well with her other collections.

And this is where I have exciting news!

We will be offering the Christmas Figs Block of The Month that will begin this Summer and continue through 2019! I'll have more details once the "Mothership" gets her details in place...but I'm giving you all the heads up now! It's a stunning quilt and you're going to want to join us! Especially for you local in-store folks!

Christmas-Figs-Moda-Hollyhill (1)

It's not Christmas without a little bit of whimsy, seeew we just had to have Stacy Iest Hsu's "The North Pole." Seeew, seeew cute!

Look at these little penguins sliding in the snow (below)....

The-North-Pole-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

And then in a surprising move from the "Mothership" she fell in love with Holly Woods by those famous 3 Sisters (pictured below) I have to agree, it’s a gorgeous collection. We will soon be seeing their Victoria collection arriving in the Shoppe in a few weeks - which has softer shades of blues and reds. Holly Woods delights with a new palette of vibrant (yet subtle) shades of reds and blues. 

Hollywood-Neutrals (1)

You can never have too many tone-on-tone neutral prints. Oh who am I kidding...you can never have too much fabric! Trust me, I've been around the "Mothership" when I've sold off a print she needed for a BOM or kit. It goes a little something like this: @#$&^%!!!!!

Mmmhmmm. That's code for we better have a back-up supply.

P.S. Even though this is a 3 Sisters collection, can I just tell you....these reds and blues would blend perfectly in your next Minick & Simpson project? Can I tell ya that???  In fact...shout out to Laurie Simpson & Polly Minick! Keeping our fingers crossed their  next collections have some red and blue combined! 

Hollywoods-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

Look at these! Take out the holly prints and you have fabulous reds and blues for any patriotic project! The word on the street is these will arrive sometime in June.

Hollywoods-Moda-Hollyhill-Quilt-Shoppe (1)

Here are the blues. You can never go wrong with a stunning two-color blue and neutral quilt. 

Hollywoods-Blues-2 (1)

Alright...that's it for my recap but I have a couple of things to say before I let you fine people go.

1.) Leave me a comment in the comments below letting me know which collection looks inspiring to you! And...are you excited for a Fig Tree BOM??? 

2.) Thank you for actually reading my blog. As instant Social Media increases...I worry about the trend to skim. Blogs are for stories and a in-more depth look at things - seeew as long as you’re reading, I’ll keep producing! 

3.) This is only the fabrics from Moda and is not even half of it. I still have the Spring/Summer prints to show you, seeew be looking for another post or two this week! 

New-Flower-Pots (1)

4.) Be watching our blog and our other Social Media for details of a new event that we are bringing to the Shoppe this Summer. It's all in the planning stages seeew I can't give it away yet, but it's something for the whole family and we are going to have a blast doing it! ✨🎩🎪🎼 I have always believed that you have to take the "typical...and make it colorful" but until a certain "Showman" introduced me to the lyric...I didn't know those were the words I needed to put my ideas in the spin cycle.! Once the details are finalized, I will share information on the event and how you too...can be a part of it.

The magic of quilt shops is the ability to create a united community...

and the magic of quilting...is the joy of creating.

If you're not feeling the joy...what's the point? Let's see some activity out here especially to all those who were "so sad" when we moved. We are only 15 minutes away from our previous location folks!

That's it for today....as always stay seeew-cial and stay "tuned!" ~ Brian

Look What Baking Can Do! Bake Shop 2 Is Here! New Quilty Fun Row Block Of The Month!

Bake-Sale-FQ-Bundle-Lori-Holt-1 (1)


For just a moment, let's take in the sweetness of Lori Holt's new Bake Shop 2 to the sounds of the broadway hit, "Waitress!" Come on and join me while I show you, "What Baking Can Do..."

Make it work...make it easy, make it clever, craft it into pieces..."

Sounds familiar doesn't it?


Bake-Sale-2-Fabric-1 (1)

"I'll place it on display..."

We think Bake Sale 2 is one of Lori's best collections. It's full of sugar, butter and flour - absolutely delicious!


With this collection, the "Mothership" stocked up on literally everything.  Pre-cuts including 5" Stackers, 10" Stackers and 2.5" Rollie Pollie Strip Rolls are all here in the Shoppe! 


The Sunflower Table Runner was made with the Sunny Sunflower block from Farm Girl Vintage! It’s one of our favorite projects because it shows folks what else can be done with a little creativity!

Farmgirl-Sunny-Sunflower-Block (1)

Here’s a different view of the 2.5” Rollie Pollie Strip Roll. Only when it’s from Moda can it be called a Jelly Roll. Did ya know that? Well...now ya do! 😂

Hopscotch-Sew-Cherry-2 (1)
"Make It Up & Surprise Them..." 

If you've been in the Shoppe over the last week, you may have noticed this sweet little quilt. We used Sew Cherry 2 and the end result was adorable. But it was this picture that took us completely by surprise with how stinkin' cute it is! It's called Hopscotch and we sell the pattern here on our website.


With Bake Shop 2, Lori has once again given us these beautiful Fat 8th prints. Each Fat 8th panel is 1yd and includes eight different prints. They also come in three color combinations which I have included here

The "Mothership" used one of these Fat 8th Panels (including two FQ's) from one of Lori's previous collections and used the pieced blocks from Farm Girl Vintage to make this small project pictured below.

Farm-Girl-Vintage-Calico-Day-Quilt (1)

I'm thinking we should bake another one of these samples using the new panels!

Memo to me: "Make it work..."


Speaking of making it clever...Lori's Sew Simple Shapes are a clever addition to the world of quilting!

It really is amazing what baking...err...quilting can do!

Photo from Lori Holt of Bee In My Bonnet

 Finally, last but not least..."make it easy!" 

Our Quilty Fun Row Block of The Month (pictured above) will begin March 31 with registration available here. We have an in-store option and an option to partcipate on-line (through the mail) as well. You will need a purchased copy of Quilty Fun by Lori Holt which we sell here in the Shoppe.

Don't forget, even though our session of Farm Girl Vintage started in August, we now sell block kits individually here on our website. As we continue through this session the "Mothership" adds more to order until we have all 48 available!

Make it sweet and she did!

Let's see the next amazing thing baking...errr quilting... does next time!

Stay seeew-cial ✨ and thanks for coming in! ~ Brian

Have You Discovered Farm Girl Vintage?



Farm Girl Vintage continues to be very popular out here at the Shoppe. It is a fabulous skill builder and will perfect your piecing skills. We strongly suggest using the Bloc Loc Rulers for the best outcome. We have a complete Farm Girl Vintage Tool Set here. Trust me, it will be your best friend.

If you haven't been into the Shoppe, we have a clothesline in which we made one set of the blocks to hang on. The other two sets of 48 blocks will be going into the Mothership and Christine's quilts. But my point is --- everyone who sees the blocks on the clothesline thinks they are pot holders. LOL. I guess you could use them as that if that's your thing.

Anyway, since we have already began our second session of our Farm Girl Vintage B.O.M. this past August, we have added individual block kits to our website for purchase. There is no timeline for when these block kits are added. The "Mothership" adds more as she creates kits for the B.O.M. - and whatever she can do in her free time. My best advice...check back often because today she just added six more!

You can find them all here on our website! I'll leave you a picture of Farm Girl "Cindy" who participated in our first Farm Girl Vintage BOM session 2015-2016. The Mothership's color selection is amazing and spot on with this quilt! Everytime I see one I seeew much appreciate her talents!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian


Project Red & Upcoming B.O.M. Sneak Peak



It sounds like a top secret mission, doesn't it?

Project Red.  (This is where I should tell you that my Project Red Fat Quarter Bundle is available here and contains 15 Fat Quarters.) 

It's actually the new Sweetwater collection and it is perfection for your next Redwork project or lots of cute little Valentine's projects. And hey...if those don't jam with your butter than you always can use more red and white fabrics in your stash. They are classic, timeless - never going out of style.


In fact I can remember back to when we opened in 2005 Alex Anderson had a red and white collection with P&B Textiles almost every year. That was 13 years ago and this color combination continues to be very popular.


I'm not sure we can pick a favorite but those text prints are always popular! We love how they have taken some of Sweetwater's most popular prints to date and included them in this color palette. You may even recognize some of your favorites!


While Project Red is available now, January is also the time for two things!

The first...planning a few B.O.M.'S! The only thing I can tell you with this picture is...the "Mothership" is pulling fabrics for a fresh update to one of our Shoppe favorites! As she plans out the details for this B.O.M. including start date, online vs. in-store options, cost, etc. I will be the first to inform you. And you all know we have several ways to stay in touch with us...right? I literally tell you everything if you're willing to spend the time.


January is also the time when we start looking at Christmas fabrics for 2018.

Here are just some of the projects that we will be looking at this month.

Now don't get confused. These patterns and fabrics are not available until Summer I'm simply showing you a PREVIEW.



I'll keep you posted on which collections we decide to order, but as I've always said...if you want to see it in the Shoppe, make sure you let us know!

Stay Seeew-cial! ~ Brian