I Want A Quilt Kit Just Like This....



We are settling into our new location and looking forward to the seasons to come! As I said before, it's much like our very first location. I'm loving the quaint size and I'm loving the 20 feet high ceilings! In fact, we've always wanted "something just like this." You know what else I've always wanted? A quilt with greys and blues!

Now let's get honest...how many of you have someone in your family that doesn't sew but when it comes to a quilt they tell you..."I want something just like this?" Well what does that mean? Be specific? Do you like the colors? The size? The pattern? Seeew then you set yourself on at what times seems like an impossible task? Mmmhmm. It's all in the beat ladies and gents! Take a moment to move to the beat...and back, and forward, and back...and forward again. You're on the cycle of life girlfriends (and boyfriends too..men are rising in Quilt World)! Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit-10

Today I am sharing our all-new Cycles of Life Quilt! With the warm Summer days ahead (fingers crossed) many cyclists will take to the roads around Portland and the surrounding suburbs. For our quilt we chose to stay within a neutral palette of soft blues and greys which works for both men and women. The pattern reminded me of those markings you sometimes see in bike lanes.


The prints are a variety of geometric styles including gears and anything else that reminds us of a bicycle - whether it's the chain or the tires!

Cylcles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

As you can see with our kit....perfection. Everything you need is included! Fabrics for the top, binding and pattern! BTW...if I'm advertising a kit only and do not have individual patterns, I link the kit only. We have hundreds and hundreds of patterns that sit around the Shoppe for months. We then create a sample and omg...everyone suddenly notices but unless I specifically link it, then it's available as a kit only from us.

Fields-Of-Flannel-Quilt-Kit (1)

The second quilt is made with Primitive Gatherings flannel and I've dubbed it, "Fields of Flannel." This one has been very popular and we've made some extra kits to accommodate the craze. Be sure to get yours here while they last...because it won't be around long!

Cycles-of-Life-Quilt-Kit (1)

That's it for today! Remember, everything you see in my current posts are on our website www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com.  If you wait too long there will be the high chance an item is sold out. You can always call us at our new number 503-694-8052 to place an order. Hours for are 10am-4pm, Tuesday through Saturday.  Now I remember everything and what I remember most is the number of folks that posted how sad they were when we moved out of our previous location. Well, there is plenty of parking out here at the new one seeew let's see if ya all can fill it up!

The new address is 31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. Wilsonville, OR 97070.

Take care and stay seeew-cial ~ Brian








A Slice Of Summer Even Though We Haven't Yet Experienced Spring



We are now open in Wilsonville (in the Charbonneau district) 10am-4pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. My apologies for the repetition but for some reason I get emails asking hours, even though I have it directly on the front page of our website here. Seeew I'm not trying to be annoying...but, helpful. I've also noticed a lot of folks talking about how they looked us up on Google and found incorrect info. My recommendation is to always visit our actual website www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com. Google is a massive search engine and it doesn't always have correct updates, especially when you are relocating like we just did.  I never use Google. I always take it one step further and visit the actual website of a company.

Today I'm showing you the super sweet Summer Slices Watermelon Quilt. (Update: SOLD OUT). It's seeew welcoming on the front porch! There are only three kits left and as always the "Mothership" has left no stone unturned when putting together these kits. You will receive ample fabric to complete the quilt top and binding. She has also included ric-rac, buttons for the seeds and of course, the pattern! I love that the watermelons have texture! To order one of our kits click here. Once it says "Out of Stock" that's it...no more can be ordered.



Also new this season is the Bumble Berries Summer Runner Kit:


I'm still trying to get used to the lighting in this new space seeew here's another picture of it on a table...


Speaking of Summer, we are getting the front of the Shoppe ready for those of you travelin' thru! The other day a husband of one of our customers was sitting on the patio of the restaurant (unbeknownst to him). The waitress came out and told him he couldn't sit there unless he was ordering. Seeew, we went out and purchased our own table and chairs for our Hollyhill families! Seeew look for the bright colored table and chairs (aquas, yellows, etc.), grab yourself a delicious dessert from Lux Sucre Desserts (our other neighbor) and make yourself at home! Next up...some fun rocking chairs!


I posted this picture the other day on the Shoppe Instagram. Did you see it? Do you follow us there? Remember to use #hollyhillquiltshoppe when posting projects which you are using fabrics or kits from our Shoppe! We love to see what you are accomplishing!

That's it for today! There's plenty more where this came from as we are just getting started! If you're in the area, do come out and help us clean out our Sale fabric. I'm determined to have it sold off and the rack removed from our Shoppe by the end of the month!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian







It Has Been A Busy Week Here in Charbonneau!



We are now open Tuesday through Saturday 10am-4pm. Our new address is 31840 SW Charbonneau Dr. Wilsonville, OR 97070. We are in the Charbonneau Village Center on the end near Lux Sucre Desserts. *Underneath the flag pole!

As you can see above we are starting to plant up our front entrance! I also made a trip to the bakery a few times!-4

O.K. maybe it was every day...but still, there are enough natural areas to walk around our new neighborhood! I'm not worried in the least!


As for Jan, the "Mothership" - she has been submerged in continual creativity. She has decided to work with these gorgeous yellows for a beautiful new project that is perfect for Summer! All I know is that it is going to look fabulous on our new shop walls. Who knew we had seeew many yellows around the Shoppe? This woman does not get the credit she seeew deserves but I for one appreciate her ability to create beautiful things on top of the several hundred other things she does! This move alone was a HUGE effort and combine it with the expense, the time involved, on top of keeping it all rolling....bravo to Jan! Trust me, we are going to celebrate and I'll let you know when!

Thanks for joining me today and remember...stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian

P.S. Don't forget to shop our Stash Builder Sale here on our website!






Sneak Peak At Our New Location


Happy National Quilter's Day!

Today we are unveiling our new address!
 The address is:

31840 SW Charbonneau Drive
Suite #FG
Wilsonville, OR 97070

Charbonneau is a planned community within the city limits of Wilsonville.

Heading South on I-5
Take I-5 South Exit 282B
Turn Left off of the exit. Proceed to Charbonneau which will be on your left. Once you enter Charbonneau follow the signs to Village Center. Turn right into Village Center. We are in the plaza next to the bakery on the end.

Heading North on I-5
Take I-5 North Exit 282
Turn Right off of the exit. Proceed to Charbonneau which will be on your left. Once you enter Charbonneau follow the signs to Village Center. Turn right into Village Center. We are in the plaza next to the bakery on the end.

We are getting a new phone number and as soon as that is available we will publish it here and on our website.





Are You Ready?



Are you ready to see Beauty & The Beast???? It starts this Friday and I'm in love with the Overture!  

I bet you thought I meant are you ready for our new location? Mmmhmmm. I already know you are excited because I've caught a few of you scoping out the place! Would you like to know that I've got my Wednesday underpants on? Staring at me through the windows isn't going to get me to open the place before we are ready. LOL. "You can ask any Tom, Dick or Stanley..." and they will tell you the same thing I'm telling you!

BTW...Our cutting counter and register counter (vital components of the complete quilt shop experience) are being built this week seeew everyone calm yourselves:-) Those of you who registered for our March Breakfast Club will get a sneak peak unless something doesn't go as planned. We will let you know the details of our new  location when we are 100% ready to go!

Enjoy the sights and sounds and of course, stay seeew-cial ~ Brian

P.S. I am more than happy to answer questions about product for those who have a serious intent to purchase products from our store. For products that are available you can tap the images. Thank you for your understanding.













Our Song Lives On....



Throughout our 12 years in existence, one thing is for sure....we've always danced to our own song. A quilt shop much like a quilt, is full of moments that last forever. From the arrival of a new grandchild and until the end nears for a loved one, the song of creating lives on.

"Maybe some moments aren't so perfect, maybe some memories not so sweet, but we have to know some bad times or our lives are incomplete...."

It should be no surprise that the song I'm featuring today is from none other than the legendary Celine Dion! Celine's new song "How Does A Moment Last Forever" is from Disney's Beauty & The Beast which is out in theaters this Friday! The song was written by Alan Menken, one of the original composers of the 1991 animated classic. I don't know about you, but can hardly wait! I hear that when you leave the theater you will believe in magic! Personally, I've always believed in it. To me, the minute you stop believing, you're basically done. It's over for you. LOL. I do sometimes wonder if they felt bad for giving the title track for radio to Ariana Grande???

Yes, that is a picture of our new storefront location at the top of this post. When we are ready to have our Grand Re-Creation, we will notify all of you with our address, new phone number and opening date! Don't worry, you haven't missed it yet. Relocating an entire store takes time. We have had painting to do, have a cutting and register counter constructed, position our furnishings and props, load in the fabric, make kits, organize our stock areas, and more! If you receive our daily email, you'll be the first to know when we are ready! It's also a good idea to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Breakfast-Club-February (1)

Pictured above is the Breakfast Club project from February! Since our Breakfast Club is an in-store seeew-cial affair, we do not typically sell the featured project kit on-line. However, we have had tons of requests for this one so kits will be available soon. Wool projects do not always have to be "dark." This one is perfect for Spring & Summer! When our kits are ready we will notify everyone! There are 9 seats left for our Breakfast Club on March 18 from 10am-12pm. Register here.


I feel like I'm cheating on Priscilla Queen of the Dessert. There may or may not be a delicious bakery next door and it is marvelous. Everything they make over there is amazing. Someone joked with me on Instagram that we maybe should just tear the wall down and have a full on pastry affair!

American-Jane-Precuts (1)

I will tell you that our new Shoppe is bright and happy. As we were setting up the other day I was playing with these American Jane fabrics and pre-cuts. There are seeew many things you can do with all of this and I truly hope folks feel inspired to use them! For the first time ever we have 18 to 24 feet high ceilings. Seeew while the physical floor space is quaint, it feels bigger because of the ceilings. Here we can actually display our quilts fully up high to really be seen. I love it. 


Look at how gorgeous our Red Daisy looks in here. Seeew pretty!

Speaking of 18 feet high ceilings, it does take a bit to get the quilts displayed up high!



The "Mothership" found this sign at a farm sale and it's going to go right up next to our register. LOL. How can anyone not smile and be happy when around quilts and fabric??? 


The sweetest collection for a nursery or your favorite little darling is definitely hands down, Darling Little Dickens. I put together this little display yesterday featuring the Tumbler quilt we recently made. This collection can be used for small baby quilts, baby bibs, or even as cute little easter runners for a dresser in the nursery or a table top! Seeew many options! #darlinglittledickens

Chestnut-Street-Quilt-Kit (1)

Borderless quilts are very popular right now and this one is our favorite! It's called our Sunny Chestnut Street Quilt Kit and its available for purchase in our on-line store. The prints are traditional vintage yet the colors are bright and happy. Even the black is happy! The quilt pieces together like a dream! Even though we are dying to get this one quilted, even un-quilted it's perfect.



Last but not least is the Sundrops collection! This collection looks great for Spring, it looks great for Summer and it looks great for Autumn! Our Sundrops Quilt Kit below is made with the Honey Bun or 1-1/2" precut strips. It's important to note that Moda is no longer making Honey Buns with every collection. There are typically one or two new collections that include Honey Buns. Our complete kit is available here.

Sundrops-Quilt-2 (1)


Finally I want to talk to you about the importance of the # with Social Media. We strongly encourage you to use #hollyhillquiltshoppe or #hollyhillquilts in your social media postings. If you are working with fabrics or kits from our shop be sure to tag us so we can see what you're making! I know there are 200 or so people making our Barn Girl Vintage and Farm Girl Vintage quilts, and yet...no one has sent me their pics:-( Your quilt is a moment that lasts forever, and Social Media ensures that our song, no matter where we go, will still live on! Thanks for joining us today!

Stay Seeew-cial ~ Brian