The Homespun & Holly Christmas Workshop Re-Cap!

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Eight years ago my mom had mentioned she wanted to create a fun little Christmas event that would be exclusive to our Shoppe.

Um...notice I just said, "little."

Over the last eight years this "little" idea grew into a favorite event destination in which new and familiar faces joined us from around the country. This "little" idea came to be known as "Homespun & Holly." What began as a one night event quickly grew into a three day event. It was and is a beloved Shoppe tradition creating memories and friendships each holiday season.


This year my friend and colleague from our time at Disney, Brian Huff ...wrote a theme-song which celebrates all that makes this event seeew special! Yes, his name is nearly similar to mine. In the years since our days at Disney, Brian moved to Nashville with his wife and just let me know last week he will be performing a song on the Grand Ole' Opry stage in the Spring!  Listen carefully for the shout-out to my beloved Priscilla "Queen of the Dessert" in this catchy little tune.

Oh look who it is! Yes, kids...that's me. I am the one who writes nearly everything you read. This year the "Mothership" (a.k.a. Jan)  planned this dapper ensemble which was sewn by Christine. Who knew Christine was quite the seamstress? Uh..we did! Now all I needed was a horse and buggy.


Let me first tell you that preparation for our biggest workshop of the year is a bit of a beastly task.  It doesn't happen overnight. This year, the "Mothership" found these fantastic tins that she used to hold the "secret" featured projects from our invited designers. The sight of these tins placed for our guests definitely helped in "making spirits bright!" Our invited designers included Kathy Cardiff of the Cottage at Cardiff Farms, Moda designer, Brenda Riddle (Acorn Quilt & Gift Co.), Sherri Falls of This & That, Stacy West of Buttermilk Basin, and local designer Debbie Busby of Wooden Spool Designs.


This year we featured five "secret" projects which were designed exclusively for our workshop by our invited designers. Seeew in other words this means you need to attend to receive. It's the gift that keeps on giving. From left to right: Top Left: Kathy Cardiff designed a holiday reminder pincushion to keep you on task during the busy holiday season. Top Right: Debbie Busby designed this darling Joy Banner that could be hung on your tree or across any fireplace mantle. Bottom Left: Stacy West created a holiday gift bag complete with wool applique. Middle Right: Brenda Riddle designed an elegant needle keep. Bottom Right: As a break from all of the stitching, Sherri Falls taught a new technique for embossing candles with cute vintage stamps and glitter.

It is almost a tradition in itself that I work through the night before the first workshop to ensure everything is cleaned up and ready-to-go. Seeew, even though I am half is the smiles, the laughter and people just having a good time that makes me say, "O.K. let's do this again."

With all of the details in place, it was time to let in our guests. 


Christmas-Workshop-8 (1)

As I look at these pictures I can't help but marvel at the fact that each year we have folks from across the country join us for this event. If I'm not mistaking, I believe that's Katie looking at me taking the picture (below). If memory serves me well...she came all the way from Colorado just for our workshop! Throughout the three days we had people come from Georgia, North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Washington and California in addition to our local Oregonians.


Lunch is always a special time. Not simply because we all get to eat, but because of the desserts. Our caterer, who I have dubbed Priscilla Queen of the Dessert ensures that a different dessert is served each day. As always, she does not disappoint. Contrary to popular folklore, I only had one of each.


I know. I can hear the gasps and the clutch of the pearls. Unnamed-9

Are they not dreamy? Your tastebuds will thank you with each and every bite. Trust me.

Below is the lovely Sherri Falls of This & That. If you love Christmas themed quilts, you just might be familiar with Sherri. For the last two years she has produced some fabulous quilt books including Winter Wonderland and Holiday Wishes. Jayne, Freda and Rebecca enjoyed the break from stitching with Sherri's candle project.


In fact, Sherri is the designer behind our Let It Snow Quilt Kit.


One thing I know for sure is local quilt shops are not just for creating quilts, but they also create friendships. This group of ladies below and above met during our 15 month Farm Girl Vintage Block-of-The-Month and monthly Breakfast Clubs. We can't thank them enough for their friendship and constant support. Linda, Jan T., Cathy, Beth, Freda and Gwen. Thank you all seeew much!


Of course after everyone has eaten they are ready to rock it to our theme song in a way that quilters will only understand. Who knew Kathy Cardiff could get down like that...LOL. Look at her with her hands up in the air. Great designer. Something tells me she's the first one on the dance floor when it comes to line dancing!




Seeew...that wraps up the 8th Annual Homespun & Holly Workshop. You can check out other videos from the festivities on the front page of our official website

As you may have heard, we have closed our physical store front location for now as of January 1, 2017. We are still available on-line and still provide the quality fabric, kits, patterns and more you've expected from us for the last 12 years at Trust me, we've read all of the comments posted on our Facebook and Instagram. We know we have a passionate group of supporters and no one knows better than us how "sad" the situation is. There were many factors in this decision and when I feel the time is right, I may have an open discussion about those factors. In fact, I believe it would do the quilting community AND the quilting industry some good to have that discussion.

For now, I will simply thank you for reading and remind everyone to stay seeew-cial! ~ Brian




Welcome to the magical world of @hollyhillquiltshoppe & Homespun & Holly! 🎄❤️ #homespunandholly

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Keep Our Island In Your Mind...


Let's just say I'm listening to all of my favorite songs right now. I'm sure the clips I post will vary greatly as a reflection of how I feel. Yes, I know you want to see pictures of quilts, fabrics, and give you product information, but right now...I just can't. That's not where I am. If you want that stuff, sign up for our email inspiration at


The drum beat echoes are your comments of support. The hidden boats are the quilts. The island is a destination. We know where we are and we know who we are. 

Stay Seeew-cial. Go see Moana. It's gorgeous. ~ B



I may not always agree with what she says or does (see below), but one thing I know for sure...her lyrics have depth and serve a purpose in my life. Forget what you know about her and listen to the words. Maybe you'll understand. I know many will come here looking for the "scoop" but at this time, "I don't want to talk about it...right now." I don't sugar coat as many should know by now. I've told you in the past, I've been telling you.

"One word of kindness it can save me...."

Stay Seeew-cial. ~ B


We Interrupt This Season To Bring You Our Barn Girl Block Of The Month Block For Month #8



First of all...if you are coming to my blog because someone takes my images and re-posts them on Pinterest, please understand that my current posts feature current projects and products. If you are trying to find an item on our website from posts older than 2016...things sell out and we move forward with new products. We wouldn't want you to miss out on the NEW seeew subscribe to the blog feed to keep up with us!

Jan (a.k.a. the "mothership") has finished Block 8 for our Barn Girl Vintage Block of The Month and it is super cute as they always are! If you are in our on-line program, blocks are in the process for mailing. If you participate with the in-store program, your blocks are now ready to pick up.

'Tis the season for a busy shopping day, seeew can't talk about much today! But trust me...I have a TON on my mind! In fact, our new website is still a work-in-progress! I recently started getting this page switched up! It's a process and takes time seeew I appreciate the patience of ya'll!

I will remind you that our Toast To The New Year Brunch will be New Years Eve from 9am-11am. Register here. Our caterer Priscilla is serving up a luscious warm breakfast brunch and Jan of course will be providing a kit of her featured project which is always super cute! New faces are welcome all the time! If you love to laugh, make new friends, share your own treasures....come join us!


Holiday Hours for the next week are the following which are subject to change without notice should the weather turn frigid or cause a delay: 

Closed Christmas Eve & Christmas Day (for obvious reasons)

Closed Monday (regularly closed on Mondays for the last eight years)

Tuesday, December 27 - Friday, December 30 10am-5pm

Saturday, December 31 11am-3pm (If you are attending the New Years Eve Brunch, please park in the garage and use the hall/lobby entrance)

Stay Seeew-cial and thanks for following! ~ Brian








All I Want For Christmas Is....For It To Stop Snowing & Melt!



We are snowed in out here in the Pacific Northwest but I happened to have this picture saved on my phone! When it comes to Christmas gift decor, one thing is true....we only feature quality decor items. From mercury trees to adorable "gliterry" snowmen, the Shoppe is full of Christmas cheer! To celebrate the season in today's post it is only fitting that I hand it over to Mariah.

234,000,000 views! That's just...insane.


The only thing I think of when I see anything about Mariah Carey (other than that unfortunate NYE debacle) is how when she came to Disney it was a visit to Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom, then onto Tower of Terror at Disney's Hollywood Studios (back then it was Disney's M.G.M. Studios) and then she was out of there. My friend Zorida was her VIP Guide multiple times and at one point she had to use the drive thru at Kentucky Fried Chicken because Mariah wanted some crispy chicken. She wore a headset and sang her own songs the entire drive. Diva in the drive thru! Hilarious.

Anyhoo...I'm off to see if I can get my car out of the snow! Yes, we've been snowed in seeew if you've called the Shoppe and we haven't answered, that's why. We will be open an extra Sunday to help some of those who weren't able to get to the Shoppe this week! Sunday, December 18 is the extra day seeew come join us from 12pm-4pm!

Stay seeew-cial ~ Brian






Small Project Holiday!

Cookie-Exchange-12-Bundle (1)


Merry Christmas to ya! 'Tis the season to share merriment and cheer seeew I wish you a Merry Christmas this year! As you can see above...I've been busy. I have created a few Christmas themed Fat Quarter bundles of 12 for $39 ea which are available in our on-line store here. Do you know how many cute small things you can make with this pile of cuteness? But first...we must sing and wish for snow!


After following me for this many years, you should know that during this time of year I'm going to load up on the Christmas music!

Pictured below is the Mothership's adorable all new Christmas Silo Barn Table Runner Kit! It's seeew new it hasn't even been quilted yet!

Christmas-Silos (1)

 Complete kits are available here which contain specific fabric identification list, cutting diagrams, quilt top and binding fabrics.  44 different fabrics have been carefully hand selected to create this stunning Silo Barn Runner including some retired pieces. You will need the book Farm Girl Vintage to complete the project. The price is well worth it considering that for our Barn Girl Block of the Month, just one barn block is $29.95. You're getting far more fabric and all of Jan's cutting diagrams! There are only five left!

Neeed more ideas?


See! Just soak up all of these super cute small projects with patterns available here on our website. I must point out that whether you order them from the designer or's going to cost you the same.

And here's the thing....these patterns have sat around the Shoppe all season long, but I just had to gather them up, take a picture and show you. LOL. It's like magic! Suddenly everyone is inspired. If I had emoji's this is where I would insert the laughing face.

Want to see more inspiration???


Ever since we arrived on the scene in 2005 (eleven years ago!!!) we have carried a gift/home decor selection for nearly every season, especially at Christmas! I cannot get enough of this Letter to Santa holder! Nevermind my new 12 Fat Quarter Bundle for Juniper Berry....just focus on that Letter Holder. As you can see instead of letters, I have decided to send a Fat Quarter Bundle for Mrs. Claus to get busy with!

One super cute Christmas quilt please. Thanks.

I must add that I adore the vintage green wood wall knob hook. Just imagine these mounted in your entryway or mud room with your favorite Christmas quilts hanging on them! Precious-ville U.S.A. They are available in aqua, red and green. The cream is sold out. Hardware is included p.s.


When I was little my mom always had coordinating mugs and dishes to make the holidays extra special. I consider myself fortunate to have a mom that went all out while I was growing up, because much of what I do now is a reflection of seeew much she taught me! This year we discovered these adorable retro plates and mugs which would be perfect with cookies and your favorite warm beverage! You could even fill a mug with some super cute Fat Quarters and give it to your favorite quilter! Just an idea for a gift under $20! The retro plates can be found here, and the mugs can be found here. They are microwave and dishwasher safe! Aren't I helpful? Just sharing those features and benefits. LOL.

That's it for today kids. I'll have a recap of our 8th annual Homespun & Holly soon! ~ Brian